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Bay Networks**Cisco** Brocade**Extreme**Foundry**Nortel**Adtran**Emulex**Qlogic**Juniper**McData**NetAp**3Com**Avaya**Polycom & More
Allied Telesyn AT-FH708SW-10A 8 Port 10/100MB Hub w/Switch Module Emulex LH5000 Hub
Bay Networks CV1001004 ARN Router  Nortel DM1401053 Contivity Extranet 2600 Switch
Brocade BR3850 Silkworm 16 port 2GB Fiber Switch Qlogic SB2A-16A SanBox 16 Port
Brocade BR-4120-0001 16 Port Expandable Sun X1151A GB PCI Ethernet Card, MMF
Brocade 12000/24000 Blade McData 32R1790 64Port FC N/W Switch Module 
Cisco 2610/2611/3620/3640 Router Cisco/Nortel/Avaya/IAD Telephone Systems - Call
Cisco WS-C6509-1300AC Catalyst w/1300W AC Power Supply PARTS/MISCELLANEOUS
Cisco WS-X6608-T1 8 Port Voice T1 & Serv Module 3Com A73400-002 1GB Serv Adptr
Cisco Cisco 1721  Router 3Com 5686-03 External 56K Modem, NOB
Cisco WS-C2950G-48-EI  Catalyst Switch Compaq 123503-001 PCI to Fiber HBA
Cisco WS-C3750G-24-TSE & 48-TSE Catalyst Switch Compaq 305573-B21 LP9802 PCI Bd-CmpqV
Cisco WS-X6324-100FX-MM Catalyst - 24 Port Fiber - Factory Boxed HP J4859A GBIC Pulls
Cisco WS-CAC-1300W Spare 6509 power supply Dell 8W916 2GB HBA Emlx LP982
Cisco WS-X6182-2PA Catalyst 6000/7600 Flex WAN Module Qlogic QLA2350 2GB FC Adptr Pulls
Cisco WS-F6K-MSFC2 Supervisor engine Qlogic QLA2340 64Bit 133MHz PCI-X-2GB FC
Cisco WS-C6500-SFM Switch Fabric Module Emulex LP10000DCE 2GB PCIX Dual FC
Cisco WS-X6516-GE-TX 16 port 10/100/1000 module (GBIC Avail) StorageStor FCE-6460 1 or 2GB Fibre HBA
Cisco WS-X6548-GE-45AF 48 port 10/100/1000 module McData 86070091 1MB Memory Expansion
Cisco WS-X6K-S1A-MSFC2 Supervisor engine Paradyne 3162-A4-210 ACCULINK 3162 DSU/CSU 
Cisco WS-C3560-G24PS-E Power Over Ethernet w/24 Ports Cisco WIC's, VIC's 
3Com 2650XM Medium Range Router Cisco High End Catalyst Switchs & Modules
HP  AB232A 2GB PCI-X FC HBA Host Bus Adapters - JNI, Emulex, Qlogic, HP/Compaq
HP  334883-B21 Blade (HP version of Brocade 12000) NM & PA Cards, Memory, GBIC's, AC/DC Power Supplies
IBM 2005H16 San FC Switch 16 Port Too much to list -----  
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