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Aviat Networks
With a long history of Wireless leadership dating to 1944, "Aviat Networks is a leading provider of microwave networking solutions, providing public and private operators with best-of-breed products and a full range of service options.  Aviat Networks’ builds robust, secure and dependable networks that withstand the most demanding mission critical applications"  
Need encryption?   Aviat has it!
Aviat Networks Bureau Veritas Certificate
Aviat WTM 3200 microwave networking radio
STATE & LOCAL GOVERNMENTS CTR8500 MICROWAVE ROUTER:  Provides seamless interworking of microwave, routing & mgmt domains
TRANSPORTATION ECLIPSE PACKET NODE: Deployment ready to meet needs of 4G/LTE Mobile Broadbd
HEALTHCARE ECLIPSE IRU 600:   All Indoor Mission Critical Microwave
EDUCATION ODU 600:        Universal ODU with Flexible Power Mode (FPM) capability
FINANCIAL WTM3200:     All Outdoor Packet Radio System w/PoE 
ENTERPRISE WTM3300:      All Outdoor Highly scalable microwave transport platform - invisible antenna design
CAMPUS ENVIRONMENT E-Link 1000:  High capacity Ethernet over microwave transport for link distances over several Km
CABLE PROVIDERS ISP/WISP WTM 6000:     Highest denisity wireless trunking solution on the market
NEW!    CTR8540 Microwave Router with integrated Layer 3 IP/MPLS that can be used as CPE or at a cellsite, as well as to aggregate cellsite traffic or aggregate business traffic - NEW!
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AVIAT carries a wide range of wireless products.   Items shown are an overview only.
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